Getting started with homeschooling - or continuing with it through all the normal ups and downs of life - can feel intimidating and overwhelming. In the midst of such uncertainty or stress, it often helps to talk with another who's "been there done that," and Tina Hollenbeck offers that opportunity to Northeast Wisconsin area parents.

Tina regularly chats on the phone or in person with area moms (and dads!) who are interested in beginning the homeschool journey and/or need encouragement to keep going. She offers practical advice and cheerleading that blesses parents and - by extension - whole families.

If you're interested in Tina's help, please complete our PRE-CONSULT QUESTIONNAIRE.

Tina offers her services for free in order to bless fellow homeschoolers. However, if you feel her counsel is helpful, please consider making a voluntary payment commensurate with what you feel her services are worth to you.

Tina is also in the process of developing a series of monthly group support meetings, open to any interested parents. If you would like to receive updates as the series becomes available, please email us HERE with your name and email address.